We up out this bitch!(Year in review…)

End of the year, end of another decade. Seems like only yesterday Avery still had a head of hair. Consequently so did Salsberg…but he’s super ripped now after a full cycle of steriods. I think it’s affecting his sexuality.  He’s on the 24 Deep program, thanks to Coach Erickson. Although Coach’s tough love is only bringing out the feminine side of G-Ron, who still can’t stop talking out the fucking video. Shinebox opened a shop, and is intimidating overweight 3o something team manager types and scrawny hammer jockey’s alike.  I saw Evs smile this year. Incredible. SDs’ 2nd and potentially 3rd knee surgery is not doing anything for his last remaining brain cells… blah, blah, blah. People ripped. People drank. People talked shit…about others, then each other. Then they cried like bitches and made up. We all still here, we alive. If your around the S.J. holler at us. TMA 2010