Zack is looking pretty fly n those Matix duds.

It is probably difficult for Zack Wallin to have his clothes still in tact after a long day of shred sledding it up around town. Fortunately, the good peeps over at Matix seem to go the extra mile to ensure that Zack’s muscular butt doesn’t blow out the seems of his pants. They also pay close attention to details in order to keep our boy, Zack, Looking so damn good.



Do you remember when Zack Wallin was the black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? His Nanna was so proud. I am pretty stoked I held on to my action figure of him cus it’s gonna be with some serious coinage! zackpowerranger

Drown for life.

With deadlines so important that all parties must succumb to Zack’s new life manager….Mr. Wallin finds the time (and euros) to scar his body into the hearts of his friends. zack

water boy

This is probably the 40th post (give or take a few) of Zack Wallin kickflipping in water….but he still looks good doing so. He looks even better when he falls and his shirt is soaked, just ask the ladies. Click here to see an old video from this site of Zack waterlogging.
Zack_kf richmond