The infamous kiss on the cheek.

Halba is out on the East Coast visiting his East Coast “peeps” and rekindling his BFF status with Shine Box (formerly known as Darkstar Dave aka Hot Tub). He’s most likely getting kissed on the cheek every few minutes and courted with fondness. Needless to say he did another pole jam/wallie type move before he ran off into his sidekick’s loving embrace. You probably are thinking to yourself, “this is by far the best wally type pole jams I have ever seen of The Screaming Lord Halba”  (and lord knows you have seen plenty). Well, the reason this one appears to be the best one yet is because it was shot by your’s truly. And we all know how talent seems to shed off my head like dandruff from overabundance. Now if I only had a BFF of my very own….any bros out there looking to take our friendship to the next level?



So as you all know im old as fuck and have smoked way to much weed since i was way too young and have no memory? I can’t seem to remember any of these new whippersnappers names? The other day i was at the skatepark and i saw this guy? Who is part of the whole Texas crew and is real cool but i can’t seem to remember his name for the life of me? So i just broke down and asked him what it was for the 11th time? I suck! Well its Taylor and that just got me thinking about all the people i don’t know there names or only know them by there nicknames? Hey whatever happened to a good nickname anyways? Like Halba, Ev’s, Mar 1, cousin, Viper, Unsavey, MJ, Waste, creepy kyle, the ledge legend, jetter, Scary Louis, Cab, the kid, Turk, crazy ed, captain strubing, gerbs, ant, pat, big jess, Sweet Lou, Warrno, hot rick, Meatmool, Mad Mike and so on… Can someone at the top please give all these new guys some f-ing nicknames?

Zine leftovers 7

The young bucks are holding it down lately. Drinking all night and ripping all day is the usual for young Jonathan Perez. With nicknames like “Bongathan” and ” The Weed King” he has alot to live up too. Jonathan and his transplant homies hit the streets hard for this latest zine and I’m looking forward to seeing there video right here on friday! But for now heres a front nose we shot a while back.


Get High…

Getting high for Caswell usualy dosn’t require the aid of knee pads but in this case I think it’s ok to make an exception.