Viper shot this one Mr. Foster with a camera that I got him. Does that mean I can give myself credit for it? Yeah, it sure does. Cairo Foster, frontside Nose slide In Baltimore. Photo: Blogtrog

Grab a date!

Paul Sharpe and Rob Brink wanted to let us/you know that Kyle Leeper (this is some heavy name dropping, right?!) worked hand in hand with Hallmark to create a new holiday. Clitty lickers  and knob gobblers, we give you….


38 days

Well I usually like to put up one of these each month but since the success of HALBA WEEK it kinda got set back a bit. Anyhow who cares right? These posts are weak anyway or atleast thats what i’ve been told. Oh well, you won’t  have to see another one for a while since i’m headed down surgery lane again next week. I’ll see ya’lls in the streets in 6 to 8, i’m out!!

Fluff – A big ass book.


My homeboy from Holland, Kaspar, sent me over the biggest skateboard bound-stack-o-paper ever made. Believe you me, that thing is big. When it showed up at my doorstep via Brown Santa, the first thing I thought was that it must have cost a small fortune to send me not only one, but two of these monsters. Them Dutch peeps are nice though and that’s why I got this thing. Good looks, Kaspar. This thing has a hard cover, is full of paper with words and pictures on them and is apparently called a book. It was made by a magazine called Fluff from Holland. They teamed up with Nike SB Europe to make this bad boy. It’s got a lot of dudes in there that I don’t know how to pronounce their name, but hey, I’m a dumb American that failed Spanish en dos minotos (I think that means pretty fast). Anyways, it’s got a shit ton of skateboarding, some boobs, a bunch of dudes from far off lands and some other cool foreign stuff. There’s some US Nike dudes in there as well from when they went to over there yonders. It’s a good bedtime story you might want to pick up so you can read to your little brats when they don’t want to sleep. It could have used more boobs in my opinion, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the Nike book on Tiger Woods for that.

I found this strange pop up site if your computer is savvy enough to handle it and you care.

It’s ok Halba, you can come out now…


I’ve seen a lot of friends come and go in my lifetime. Some due to drugs and alcohol, some to just losing there minds or thinking that I’m an idiot or whatever. But my man Halba is a true to the end BRO! In these past two weeks there has been a lot of ball busting on Halba, and believe you me it’s been tons of fun, but I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. Matt is probably one of the best all around guys I have ever met. And with the gift of saying some of the funniest shit ever, he’s one thats hard to forget. When it comes to family, friends and skating he has more love than is humanly possible. I could sit here and write about all the reasons why I think Halba is such a badass but i’ll spare you all the cheese. Just take a look from the last two weeks and you should be able to put together the pieces behind why we all love this mother fucker so much. Halba thank you for being a true homey, I really appreciate that shit!

halba-scan2011 matt-hathaway-nosebonk halba-pole-pivot matt-hathaway-wallie-redwwod halba-tucknee halba-heelflip-blkwht halba-fsa-sneath halba-ollie-sf

Now lets drink !!

Another week of Halba ?

Well it’s looking like another whole week of Halba and thats fine with me. I don’t realy like spending the time looking for random old photo’s and whatnot but for this I’m down to make an exception. By now the novelty of Halba week has worn off a bit and I know Halba himself is totally over it, or at least thats what he tells me. I mean it wasn’t even really that bad, just wait till Patton week, where we discover the life and times of a possible closet homosexual. Now that should be interesting!! halba-wallride-grab img_4405_0

Sketchy Luis

When he’s not riding down escalators on his bike, pissing people off or doing other stupid shit Luis Martinez a.k.a. The White Bat keeps it sketchy. The best worst dude I know for sure.

Hop, Skip and a Scrrreeeech!! The White Bat at Tigard.

Hop, Skip and a Scrrreeeech!! The White Bat at Tigard.