Fresh pork!

Wes Tonascia reminds you why Northern California is special in this week’s Fresh Crops featuring Ben Raemers, Caswell Berry, Chase Newton, Elijah Berle, Halba, Jason Strubing, Jeremy Tuffli, Jon Nguyen, Julian Quevedo, Mike Salsberg. goood shiits Weeeast!

Zine leftovers 7

The young bucks are holding it down lately. Drinking all night and ripping all day is the usual for young Jonathan Perez. With nicknames like “Bongathan” and ” The Weed King” he has alot to live up too. Jonathan and his transplant homies hit the streets hard for this latest zine and I’m looking forward to seeing there video right here on friday! But for now heres a front nose we shot a while back.


This just in!

ian-reidIt all started with my first viewing of Sex, Hood, Skate, and Videotape. I knew that Ian Reid was a visionary. I also knew Viper and I were lucky to be some of the chosen few to purchase o.g., autographed copies, of this banger at Supreme in NY. When I came across this magical website, I was astonished at the contents. All the things I love. Skateboarding, partying, and TONS of naked chicks. Not to mention he had a tiltmode post. Throw in a little humor and it’s a wrap. Visit

Get High…

Getting high for Caswell usualy dosn’t require the aid of knee pads but in this case I think it’s ok to make an exception.


Humble pie.

Kevin Calderwood backs up his “interview” in the zine with this sweet little jammer of some internet dessert.

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