Zine leftovers 7

The young bucks are holding it down lately. Drinking all night and ripping all day is the usual for young Jonathan Perez. With nicknames like “Bongathan” and ” The Weed King” he has alot to live up too. Jonathan and his transplant homies hit the streets hard for this latest zine and I’m looking forward to seeing there video right here on friday! But for now heres a front nose we shot a while back.


foreign film

Our french buddies, william and boris, made a trip to san jose and stayed at the mansion. Here’s a video they made of a “day in the life” at the mansion.


What can i say about Caswell.Others have been called San Jose’s finest. Caswell truly  is San Jose’s finest. On and off the board. I’ve known him since freshman year in high school, and he’s always been the same dude.The only mother fucker to smoke me out to the point of near death, The only dude that you WANT to see do a benihanna, and probably my favorite skater. It’s gonna be tough, but maybe, just maybe we can top halba week with this one.


Beat beat, who’s got the keys to my Jeet…Rrrrrrr.

Osiris announced Peter Raffin to the team as “San Jose’s finest.” I love Pete and all, but if he is San Jose’s finest, then I’m motherfucking Fred Atsaire. Maybe we’ll make Peter take a bath and/or put some clean clothes on and we can get him out of the curb-dwelling-homeless category and one step closer to the big O’s claim. Whether or not he’s scaggles or crispy, I’m not gonna deny that Jeeter gets down on his skateboard.

I know you bought the God Save the Label video, right? RIGHT?! ok good. Then I don’t feel bad about putting this part up.

38 days

Well I usually like to put up one of these each month but since the success of HALBA WEEK it kinda got set back a bit. Anyhow who cares right? These posts are weak anyway or atleast thats what i’ve been told. Oh well, you won’t  have to see another one for a while since i’m headed down surgery lane again next week. I’ll see ya’lls in the streets in 6 to 8, i’m out!!

Jeeter Raffin…

Peter hates it when you call him Jeeter. Therefore I highly suggest that the next time you see him drinking at peanuts you say hello to ol Jeeter and buy him a beer!