TMA Flashbacks

Being the nostalgic peeps we are, we are going to start posting some images of the homies from back in the day. Before he came to be known as “Meatmool” he was simply known as Mike. Cool, calm and collected. Mike was Logan’s next big gun until fame, women and comfortable couch got in the way of a career that lasted more than a few weeks. Mike still rips to this day and as you can see in this photo, he fears nothing (except maybe running out of hot dog buns and coors light).

Fresh pork!

Wes Tonascia reminds you why Northern California is special in this week’s Fresh Crops featuring Ben Raemers, Caswell Berry, Chase Newton, Elijah Berle, Halba, Jason Strubing, Jeremy Tuffli, Jon Nguyen, Julian Quevedo, Mike Salsberg. goood shiits Weeeast!


I heard a rumor that Salsberg might have finally updated his blog.Im to lazy to link it from this post, so if you give a shit i’m sure you can figure out your own way over to his blog for the photo extravaganza.