Fresh pork!

Wes Tonascia reminds you why Northern California is special in this week’s Fresh Crops featuring Ben Raemers, Caswell Berry, Chase Newton, Elijah Berle, Halba, Jason Strubing, Jeremy Tuffli, Jon Nguyen, Julian Quevedo, Mike Salsberg. goood shiits Weeeast!

It all tastes like pho tai to me.

Seems like big things are happening for your boy, Jon Nguyen. I heard a rumor that this painting of him sold for a few K at an undisclosed auction. Ok, I didn’t really hear that, but I did read that the guy that painted it thinks it’s Don Nguyen and not Jon. Priceless. No worries, I can’t tell them apart either. Great painting BTW.


“came across this picture of the nuge doing one of the most stylish tricks one can do on a skateboard, back smith, and i just had to paint it. - daniel  joustra”