TILTMODE YARD SALE/ October with Jerry Hsu

October is kinda like the best month ever, obviously, due to HALLOWEEN!! So we figured who better than Jerry, “coolest” tiltmoder by far, for this month.

Here’s what we got: jerry’s enjoi board, his pro emerica shoe & flannel, Royal trucks, 2 sets of Ricta wheels, Predator dvd, and a sweet hat from god knows where…

Yeah.. So..

1. 1st correct answer wins.

2. 1 email per person

3. Send emails to emtogsdia


Q: Name (describe) 3 of Jerry’s tattoos

Cooler than cool.

If you like Jerry, Emerica guys, oddities, famous people, cool chicks, people in masks, deformations, dumb chicks, people with high self esteem, people with no self worth, etc etc, then you most likely are a fan of Nazigold. If you’re not a fan, head on over and check out all the coolness it oozes. Current reports are coming live from Japan via nazigold satellite.

nazigoldjap  Be still your beating heart.

Evil has met it’s match.

Jerry Hsu has created his very own blog site. World, meet Nazi Gold. The Asian Elvis sees the world through very odd, slanted eyes. Now you can see what he sees through his blackberry uploaded pictures. Evil treasures await you around every corner… nazigold