Do you remember when Zack Wallin was the black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? His Nanna was so proud. I am pretty stoked I held on to my action figure of him cus it’s gonna be with some serious coinage! zackpowerranger

Yardsale fail.

No one was able to guess the Yardsale question about what T-eddy award was given to me some years ago. I couldn’t even remember what it was and my friends at High Speed couldn’t find it or remember themselves. I was a little disappointed in Phelpers for not remembering as he is supposed to be all knowing. I am pretty sure it was something to the effect of me looking like Tim Gavin. I never agreed with that, but who cares about my opinion? Anyways, Phelps made Lance Dalgart shoot a photo of Tim and I together at a contest back in the day Back to the City? maybe around ’93?). I think it was the one that they announced the starting of Girl Skateboards, but my memory is shit. I can’t blame you guys for not guessing it correct as it was unimportant and I dunno anyone that would care about something like this. Lance sent me that photo and I thought I would share it with you so you could see two handsome boys in the prime of their youth.


Getting the girls panties wet and his skateboard too.

After the rain stops, it’s time to go get your shred on. Zack Wallin doesn’t let a little puddle or a water logged skateboard stop him from doing his thing. I bet the car ride home wasn’t as fun.

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