20 Skateboard Brands You Should Feel Good About Supporting – Part 1

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A collection of 20 board brands that more than deserve your attention and your support  (in no particular order) broken into two parts…so…it’s actually two collections of 10 board brands each that you should be looking into. Confused? Don’t be… Support these rad brands and feel good about it because feeling good feels so good!


Incredible look and feel. Ben Horton has an incredible talent for making things look awesome. Pat Burk and Brother Lynch Hung. Ooooh, that part is too good.


Slave1 Slave2





Ran by Matt Price, a gentleman worth his weight in gold. He’s also not afraid to push buttons and have a good time doing it. Friends and funny go a long way.


Brimely1 Brimely2




Pure entertainment. Always leaving people wanting…


wknd1 wknd2



Send Help

You know that girl that is super nice to look at… she also has a great personality…AND… she can cook?! Like her, Send Help is the complete package worth making a commitment to. Todd Bratrud can puke blood on a skateboard and it will look better than most decks out there.


sendhelp1 sendhelp2




It’s more than just skateboards and a team, it’s an entire Latin American movement. ¡Paulo Diaz pro vida!


central1 central2




These guys skip to a beat of their own drum and are making a lot of other companies change up their formulas. Different from the norm shapes with great graphics that look better than good up close.


Welcome1 Welcome2


Black Label

John Lucero. Genius. Lives and breaths skateboarding and has been doing it for a long, long, long time. Label kills.


BlackLabel1 BlackLabel2




All their product have a well thought out, visually appealing aesthetic. Jon Nguyen looks so dang good riding these boards. Paul Shier is the good mate.


isle1 isle2




Transportation Unit

…just because these boards look so tough and fun. Russ Pope has been in the game for deep.






Jeremy Klein. Almost naked anime girls. Sake shots. One foots. Video games. Out of the trunk of his car…literally.


Hookups Hookups2

Part 2 coming soon


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