Albion – Full Length

Albion was put together by Ryan Gray, Kev Parrott and Dane ‘Morph’ Crook and features the likes of Jak Pietryga, Scott ‘Horsey’ Walker, Ben Raemers and Denis Lynn, alongside Nick Remon, Karim Bakhtaoui, Tom Penny, Charlie Birch, Kris Vile and Daryl Dominguez all shot in glorious SD on Sony VX cameras.

the fine art of skateboard photography

I haven’t worked on improving my photography at all as of late. I did pull out my camera out and manage to rifle off this one shot of Bad Boy Ben Raemers. I didn’t get a chance to focus or adjust or any of that unnecessary crap because this is him popping out of a smith right before rolling away. I could have made him do it again to get a good photo of it, but do you really care? I don’t. I think this photo is just peachy enough for this amazing blog post. Cheers mates!