Whoever set up this enjoi tour is an asshole (parts one & two)


This was one harsh ass demo trip. Flying into a town, doing a signing, flying out to another city to do a demo, sleep a few hours then drive off to a multiple signings in a day. It was pretty much set up by an complete goon that doesn’t give a shit about skating. He even admitted that he knew it was a hellish trip. So, thanks for that! Even though the tour was set up without much thought for the skateboarders, they handled it with style and smiles on their faces. They even put some smiles on the faces of the kiddies that showed up for autographs and hot dogs. Australia is fun no matter what. Thanks to Anthony Mapstone, Legendary Aussie skateboarder, all parties involved had a good time. Thanks ya filthy cunts! (part two coming next week)

Photos by Carson Lee aka The Viper


As shitty as this trip was, it’s nice to look back and remember how much fun we had. Australia is always a great time. Thanks a bunch to Anthony Mapstone for being a rad dude and taking care of all of us retards. Hopefully, we will be able to do it again someday.