Tiltmode Episodes – Breaking Boards #25

The exciting conclusion to TMA’s Breaking Boards. Find out what happens when things go sour. Skateboards break. Here’s an in depth look into the lifestyle of your favorite/nonfavorite skateboarders as they have “issues” with their equipment. What kind of skateboard are you riding? Better make sure it’s a good one!
Featuring the likes of Louie Barletta, Aaron Vandenbulke, Cairo Foster, Jose Rojo, Ryan Lay, Ben Raemers, Zack Wallin, Danny Fuenzalida, Jerry Hsu, Caswell Berry, Nestor Judkins, Halba and many more!

Filmed by :
Mike Baucus, Kyle Camarillo, Keke, Matt Eversole, Massimo Legitimo and Erik Olsen

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