@internetfamous – point and shoot flash poaching off of Mehring :-)


The old Canon Powershots were dope. You can get them on Ebay for 40 bucks these days. For some reason, they allowed amazing flash poaching with low ISO settings. I was lucky enough to join some of the Bag of Suck missions to watch these fools rip and stack footy.¬†Jonathan Mehring shot this pro like while I put the point and shoot on some slow shit to poach them lights. This is almost 10 years later so I think it’s okay to post it? One of my favorite yellow people, Jerry 180′s overs some shit into a steep as bank.¬†Pero like crazzyyyy. Miss you Jer<3

Jerry Hsu, 180 over the top bar into the bank.

The old SD 400. Smoke Dat 400 Rest in Peace in Melbourne.