DEAR SKATING (insert wide eyed emojicon here)



I have been following Dear Skating on Instagram lately. Almost every post makes a little blood rush to my man wang. HELLO NOSTALGIA!
Through my super, secret contacts in the dark nether regions of an alternate skateboard dimension, I was able to gather the following information on this “soon to be world conglomerate.”
We will keep you updated with any info we can muster up on developing events, but for now… Here’s Dear Skating!

A Christmas Special: Stick-O-Rama!

The board, produced by the same woodshop as most of your favorite brands (Polar, AntiHero, Krooked etc.) has a contemporary take on a 1990 / 1991 shape, measures 8.75″ x 31.75″ and features dear’s Signature Fountain of Youth Concave!!
Its an awesome, fully functional shape and We’re super excited about how great its come out!
So just to clarify,
The deck has the Rocco Winnie the Pimp bottom graphic and the Stick-O-Rama Street Scene graphic on top.
The board comes with the complete Stick-O-Rama Sticker Pack + a few bonus stickers!
It’s like two boards in one…
There will be Six shirts produced for this release as well, each featuring one of the beloved characters from the same Stick-O-Rama series.
The Shirts are being produced in every shade of the original SMA/World color pallet.

SOR-Ad-Board-2(SS) SOR-Ad-Shirts(SS) stickers Dear Flyer'14 Jesse Catalog gonz split Board Shape SOR-T3-Cans-Kool-Pooh(S) SOR-T5-Hook-and-Pooh(S)