Residuals #2

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Just some randomness from around town the last couple weeks




Just some randomness from the last couple weeks


Skeletons in the closet

Sometimes our pasts really come back to haunt us. Welcome too Chistopher Patton’s shining stand out part in what could have possibly been one of the worst videos ever. I really want to say so much about this gem but I guess it already speaks volumes without needing to say a word.

Transplants Video !

Chase Newton, Jonathan Perz, Erik Deringer, and Goldshlager. These dudes moved here from the cuts, keep it cool and just skated. Im stoked that were part of the zine and even more hyped that they put it down as hard as they did. Well this pretty much wraps up the TMA Zine #3, maybe there be a #4, maybe not. But just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out, good looks bro’s! See ya’ll in the streets, or maybe at the bar!

tiltmode transplants from viper on Vimeo.


Zine Leftovers 8

Jon Nguyen really came out swinging with his part for the zine. Nice to see him fully hooked up with the Blueprint dudes and on his way to big things! Heres Nuggs gaping to back 5-0 with his long and lengthy steez…


Zine leftovers 7

The young bucks are holding it down lately. Drinking all night and ripping all day is the usual for young Jonathan Perez. With nicknames like “Bongathan” and ” The Weed King” he has alot to live up too. Jonathan and his transplant homies hit the streets hard for this latest zine and I’m looking forward to seeing there video right here on friday! But for now heres a front nose we shot a while back.


Zine Leftovers 6

Bad Boy Ben Raemers came out swinging since moving to the states. I was lucky enough to be around for some of it and let me tell you, Ben fucking rips!!!! Heres a second angle of one of the more scarier things I have seen Ben do. If you fall over this thing your done. Thanks for being a part of this Ben, See you soon Geezer!!!!


Beet League Video and Leftovers

This was one hell of a night, any excuse to party is right by me. Daryl got us a copy of the Habitat Video and so we decided to spice up the night with a little ramp jam contest before hand. ¬†And even though he burned everyone’s boards in the middle of the night, I wanted to say thanks to Big Jess for being such a gracious host. It was good times from what I remember and also a big thanks to Viper for putting this vid together. Final TMA Zine video coming this friday with The Transplants featuring Chase Newton, Johnathan Perez, Eric Derenger, and the Shlagger.

Beet League – tiltmode army from viper on Vimeo.


zine Leftovers 4

I guess this is more of a happy birthday than a left over. So hey Daryl, happy day of your birth man. Hope you have many more years of snapping stance ollie’s over shit!!!


Zine leftovers 3

Just a few days after Pete got this smith grinder we went down and watched the emerica video. After seeing Colin Provost do the same trick I came home and photoshoped a sweet shoestring around Peters head. I actualy liked that one way better but I’m trying to be nicer these days.


Scummer leftovers

The Scummer trips are allways a blast. Just wanted to say thanks to Monnie for hauling us around. I think I still owe you gas money!! Anyhow were not comptuer wizards over here so if you can’t get the vid to play in the zine have a gander over here. Otherwise heres some leftover scummer soup.


Zine Leftovers…..

From little boy too little man. Anthony Monnie’s ollie is far from a leftover, I was just to retarded to remember I had it. Sorry buddy, shit was tight!