chino de mayo

Our good friend Jon Choi just turned 30 on cinco de mayo. Being the generous guy he is, he made us a gift of an edit for his B-Day. The video is called “pushing 30″ and features his friends from Texas, and ends with some new Jon Choi footage. Happy Birthday Choi Boi


Bad Boy Ben just celebrated his 21st birthday out in NYC! Check out his blog, where you can follow his adventures around the globe. Happy Birthday Mate!


Jon Choi will be gracing san jose tomorrow with his presence. He’s been living in Austin, Texas for a bit now….heres a video of stink and russell visiting jon in texas.


Dave Chami is having a photo show in sf this thursday. go check it out, and you may even see some photos of your beloved tiltmode army shredders


Erik’s hometown friend, Brian Bechtold, made a skate video recently. Brian is from oklahoma, and made this tiltmode montage to lead up to Erik Deringer’s video part. Some tiltmode homies skating and erik d-riding around town.

for sale

The master of disaster, Duane Peters, nearly got his leg amputated ……but saved it through some gnarly surgeries. Can you imagine trying to push down the street with one leg? To help out Duane, there’s an auction going on full of skate collectables for you skate nerds to bid on. There’s some autograph products, original artwork from jason adams and reeps….and a bunch more. Click here to check out the items for auction and support. The auction ends this thursday, June 2nd.


Nugget actually got off his couch, and flew all the way to the east coast to skate 3 skateparks. woohoo!

smoking addiction

At any given point of the day, Creepy Kyle is either smoking a mouth full of poles….or a mouth full of cigs. This photo proves the latter of the two.
creepy smoking