@internetfamous – point and shoot flash poaching off of Mehring :-)


The old Canon Powershots were dope. You can get them on Ebay for 40 bucks these days. For some reason, they allowed amazing flash poaching with low ISO settings. I was lucky enough to join some of the Bag of Suck missions to watch these fools rip and stack footy. Jonathan Mehring shot this pro like while I put the point and shoot on some slow shit to poach them lights. This is almost 10 years later so I think it’s okay to post it? One of my favorite yellow people, Jerry 180′s overs some shit into a steep as bank. Pero like crazzyyyy. Miss you Jer<3

Jerry Hsu, 180 over the top bar into the bank.

The old SD 400. Smoke Dat 400 Rest in Peace in Melbourne.

Clarkavision: Cairo Foster

Stamped with Clark’s vision and perspective on the way Cairo destroy’s the earf. Ahead of it’s time, an editing format that rivals all interweb edits. Unfortunately, this edit didn’t make the Oververt video but cheers to the brand who decides to let Clark run full brand creativity in all aspects of marketing to their consumers. Whether it be skateboarding, intergalactic travel, organic health foods, or e-cigarettes. He is a genius.


Burley Temple on a Sunday night - ph: Mardumb

BURLEY SHIRLEY, HARVEY'S NEVADAHUF was nice enough to allow us to review some items from their Fall Apparel 2014 line-up. We decided to bring it up to Tahoe with us on our latest Tiltmode Tahoe Trip and see how their product would fair against Silver Bullets, Jameson, and the High Sierras.

PLAID LONG SLEEVE, CLASSIC LO's, WORLDWIDE DBC POM BEANIEPatsamoron got the  Classic Lo’s, Plaid Long Sleeve, and Worldwide DBC Pom Beanie. I can’t say if it helped him show up for the trip in proper form, but something made him want to drink on a Sunday night. If you know Patton, you know this doesn’t happen. When I heard, “Bartender, can I have a vodka soda, with a cherry?”, come out of Patton’s mouth on a Sunday night, I knew something was helping him harness the power of doo doo dumb. The busty middle aged bartender obliged and opted to make sure he had a proper Burley Shirley and added some grenadine. She liked his shirt and shoes, I am sure of it. Money on it that she would have let him go face deep in her D cups if he would have tried. Thanks HUF for helping make my friend less of a pussy. STUMPY AND DUMPY, DOMESTIC FLORAL CLASSICS, BOILER MAKER

I opted to put on the Midnight Floral Long Sleeve, Classic Hi’s, and the Domestic Snapback for the weekend. If you know me, you know I like to go dumb. Add in a floral shirt, the tonto is going to multiply. What’s most appealing about this long sleeve that it looks black in the dark. Flip on the lights, IT’s PARTY TIMES all over. AYE! I hoped the Classic Hi’s would make me look taller,  but as you can see in the photo, I’m so stumpy, there is no hope. Regardless, they skate good and look good in and out of the Casinos. The product shot below shows how I couldn’t wait to skate the Classics. As soon as they showed up, I took them out for some turns in downtown San Jo. Pardon the city residue in the photo. That Domestic Snapback is on point though.


I wish this review had more tits and ass involved with it but that seems to be the norm when you see HUF photo shoots on Instagram. I don’t need to be the one to tell you that this shit will help wrangle up those hungry troggs at the bars. Unfortunately, I’ll end this review with a skate photo of Patsamoron under the bridge downtown.  But there is a link to the store as well so you can shop around for what will help you with your upcoming trips to the local watering holes and Casino life.


Patsamoron – pivot to fakie @kooksgohome

Tiltmode Tahoe Trip 2014

Crew - ph: ECO

MVP: Halba
Ramp Champ: Wes
Double Down: Josh
Bad Luck: Patton
Couch Surfer: Mad Mike
Man Soup: Caswell
Fart Factory: Mardumb
Late Bloomers: B-Lopes & Rex
Foreign Affairs: Pablo & Fernando
Tindered?: AV & ECO
Red Eye: Jinxboy
No cheese but smells like cheese: EVS