Ghetto Park.

Eons before any Red Park, Beer Bowl, S1 or S2, there was Ghetto Park. Situated on Story and White in San Jose’s East Side, Ghetto Park was a defunct Kinney’s Shoes in what was at the time, not the best neighborhood. With a huge empty parking lot that wrapped around the front, back, and side of the building, this vacancy became a free for all. Local skate rats bringing and building boxes, rails, desks and whatever skateable junk they could find and move. Shit, for a while there was a 6 or 7 ft quarter pipe in direct view of everyone. Including cops, who were highly visible in that area at that time. It introduced us to skaters from different areas, and people were always skating. Nothing like high school kids going to the local liquor store and buying 40′s and tamales with no id’s to round out a perfect day of carefree skating. This is just a little bit of footy that was on a transfer tape from back in those days. If anyone out there is hanging onto old footage from back then, hit me up. I would love to put it out. Memories from almost 20 years ago… That shit is analog gold.