I can’t beleive it’s been 11 years since Tim passed away. I grew up looking up to Tim like no other. I can still clearly remember the first time I met Tim at Erickson Rec. skate jam in 1989. Me and my buddy followed him and his friends one day and I remember so clearly Tim just cruising down the street and ollied up and off a bus bench. I was trippen cause I could barly get up the curb. They took us to some stiars at this church then to some ditch. It was probably my first real street skating experience. I was so excited. For years to come I wanted to skate like Tim, do his tricks and pretty much just be around him and there crew. I got the pleasure of skating with Tim a bunch in my years and I’m so thankfull for the everlasting impresion he left on me and so many others. You should take a few minutes and take a look at what the homies at the Chrome Ball Incident put togegher. Salute!!!!!!!!